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things can only get worse

6th May 2008

(no subject) @ 20:12

wow it was 66 weeks ago i last looked on here.gosh

24th January 2007

not looking good. @ 13:09

well still got my house reserved number 6 west lea. but mortgage people don't like me.my credit aint good.this is not a very good think.but i have other options.my dad(who is being nice???) said he will put a mortgage in his name.so hopefully if all fails this will work out ok.
looking forward to butlins and to seeing chico not long now.
thats it for now.

16th January 2007

next update @ 09:40

Current Location: work
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well sat at work at the mo very bored.so here is an update of the year so far.

house search is going very well.been offered a one bedroom apartment in south molton just waiting for mortgage to all go through.x.hopeing this all goes very smoothly but getting more and more stressed as the days go by.
what other news um nearly time to go butlins thats exciting.
hopefully going on trip with the lovely sally at some point.
palma nova in 5 months and counting.
thats about it at the mo.

ill keep you informed.

5th January 2007

new year @ 10:50

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished
Current Music: dans crap music

well it's a new year.

news so far:- got engaged on christmas day - bit of suprise but said yes.

plans for future;-
going to butlins in feb to see chico.
first holiday abroad in may to palm nova.
looking for more interesting worthwhile job.
look into buying own home.(and save money)
pass driving test.most important
staying happy cause at the moment i am very happy life has settled down and going along very smoothly.

i'll try and update more often keep you all updated.
see you about.x

29th October 2006

interested @ 11:43

Current Location: at home
Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
Current Music: tv in back groud

well it's been awhile,
so here goes.....firstly i past my thory test last week,so all thats left now is to get abit more confident with drving and take the dredded driving test.
so watch out world i will be on the road soon! but then non of you will have a choice and you will have to see me cause i will be comeing to you... that means sally, jen and paiz you better keep an eye out.
what else has happened.im slowly sorting out my debt problems.thank goodness.got my passport, im going to palma nova with stephen next may.muchly looking forward to that.um not much else to say.so for now bye bye.x

7th September 2006

the end is nigh @ 08:29

Current Mood: accomplished another year gone
Current Music: radio one

well, it's offical i am no longer a teenager. Im now the big 20. lets see if this year can improve on the last.maybe now i have left the teenage years i may mature and become more wiser, but on past experiences i probily won't
A summery of last year (my 19th year of exsistance)
well it all start on friday the 2nd of september 2005.
my relationship with stephen was still rocky but we were slowly getting there.
i was still living at home.until December.
When i decided to move out of home and see if stephen and i had a future.
moved out of house in elysian court after 6 months into flat above gym cause house was being sold(but atually they put it back to let after we moved out!)
went to butlins in june.
then thats about it not a very adventurus year.although living with a guy is one big adventure.
And now im 20. the plans for this coming year include. trip abroud in may with stephen. moving to new house some time in january/feb HOPEFULLY.and maybe new job.
Been looking into jobs in taunton.we been talking about moving out of north devon.i think this is a very wise move!.
anyway thats all from me just wanted to say thanks to jen she has always been there when i have needed a shoulder to cry on(happened to often last year hopefully not this year) .or just to see a friendly face.So thanks jen XXX.

2nd August 2006

its me @ 12:24

congrats to sally. im taking lessons now so hopefully we will all be driving about.....
news from me. well um had hair cut thanks to the lovely miss lloyd very much appresiated.
what else, working hard.thats about it.bye for now.xxxxxxxx

29th June 2006

thank you. @ 13:57

thanks to jen for a lovely night out tuesday.mushly needed thanks again.

1st April 2006

i need help @ 19:06

Current Mood: gloomy gloomy

well hello there, it's been awhile, i need some help guys i have become a house wife at the age of 19 my weekends consist of staying in cleaning and thats about it i need some drunken fun.but i dont seem to have any friends left! which is completely my own fault firstly for going to birmingham and not keeping intouch with everyone properly and when i got back all my time and attention has gone into my new house and stephen. which was great at first but he has got his circle of friends and goes out while i stay in i need to get out i need to let my hair down and get out of south molton for awhile. so if ANYONE wants to spend some time with a loner then i really would appresiate it even if its just a couple drinks in town.i need to get out more please help me.please.....

15th December 2005

im going. @ 08:56

Current Mood: excited excited
Current Music: matts cheese 100% dance(im at work)

thought it was about time i up dated you with all the comings and goings of miss Amy Johns.
still at hi temp - now known as eaton airospace. still youth working at night.
now here is the exciting news..... im moving into my own house on friday (thats tomorrow)it's still in south molton.im renting so technicly it won't be mine.but no more parents etc. as for money im going to struggle but it will all be ok. so if any of you are in south molton and need somewhere to stay give me a call.
i hope you are all ok,and looking forward to christmas. paizley and sally i aint seen you both in such a long time. we should meet up in the new year for a drink.
Anyways ill update with how the move goes, cheers for now.xxxxx


things can only get worse